Hervy E. Averette, MD

Hervy Averette

1932 - 2005

Dr. Hervy E. Averette joined the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Miami in 1966. At that time the care of the gynecologic cancer patient in this country and in the world was provided in a very disorganized fashion. Women who succumbed to gynecologic cancers were taken care of by gynecologists, urologists, general surgeons, radiotherapists, medical oncologists and other specialists. Continuity of care was difficult to impossible to achieve. There were no training programs for physicians to obtain the expertise needed to provide complete and comprehensive care. It was the dream of Dr. Averette, Dr. John Mikuta from Philadelphia, Dr. Jim Nelson from Boston, Dr. John Lewis from New York, and others, to provide the gynecologic cancer patient with physicians who would have the expertise required to give the best possible care. They started programs in different sites of the United States that provided the training required to become a Gynecologic Oncologist. To accomplish this Dr. Averette went through difficult times. Gynecologic Oncology overlaps with many other specialties and in the early days of the subspecialty some turf wars were fierce. He fought hard for his beliefs and he led from conviction, and never made an adversary into an enemy. He was never mean-spirited. He stated his case in an eloquent manner and at the end of the day they always respected him. Nowadays we enjoy the fruits of his efforts, we work with other specialists in a cordial and professional environment to provide the cancer patient the best possible care.

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