Oscar Kletzky


The rich cultural and academic heritage intrinsic to Argentina and Israel came with Dr. Oscar Kletzky when he joined our department as a Ford Foundation Fellow in Reproductive Biology in 1972. He quickly established himself as a tireless researcher and served as an energizer for his co-workers. Using the newly developed tool of radioimmunoassay, Oscar and his co-workers conducted a number of important studies that helped us understand the secretion and distribution of hormones in normal and abnormal states. Some of those studies are still quoted today.

Oscar rose through the academic ranks and eventually left USC to become the director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at UCLA-Harbor General Hospital. He was always able to find the time for research, teaching, patient care, family life, and many warm friendships, all in a balanced manner. His ready smile, good humor, and willingness to help caused him to be a frequent collaborator with colleagues from other institutions and even other departments.

In addition to his membership in the American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society, Dr. Kletzky was an active participant in many prestigious societies and a prolific contributor to our literature. Even when the serious illness that was to take his life struck, he continued to focus on the needs of others.

All who had the opportunity to work with this equally affable and intense redhead are better for that experience.

Submitted by Daniel R. Mishell, Jr., M.D

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