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Guidelines and Responsibilities for Mentors/Sponsors of Candidates for AGOS Fellowship

  • The mentor/sponsor should review the criteria for fellowship before submitting a candidate’s name for consideration. The candidate should be a leader in academic obstetrics and gynecology to include national prominence, good character and high ethical standing, recognized ability as a teacher and clinician. Evidence of research and scholarly activity is important and includes at least 20 significant publications in peer-reviewed journals. Evaluation of a candidate shall emphasize the totality of their contributions during their career to Obstetrics and Gynecology and women’s healthcare. When one of the mentors is from the candidate's parent institution, then the other mentor should be from a different institution.
  • Mentors/Sponsors are encouraged to invite their candidates and potential candidates to attend the annual meetings so that the membership can become better acquainted with them.
  • Candidates must have attended at least one AGOS Meeting as a guest.
  • Mentors/Sponsors are required to write a letter of support for the candidate.
  • Members of the AGOS Council cannot sponsor candidates.
  • Applications are due by July 1st.
  • After approval for membership the new fellow will be required to make a scholarly contribution at an annual meeting when requested by Council. Scholarly contributions may include a free-standing paper of original scientific research which has not previously been accepted, published, or read before another body, state-of-the-art review of a focused topic that encompasses the presenter’s previous or current work and expertise in the field, participation in a scientific panel, debate, discussion, forum, or other presentation of pertinent research, clinical, educational or other topic related to the healthcare of women. A written manuscript of the original scientific research, state-of-the-art- review, or summation and synthesis or presentation of panel, debate, discussion, forum or other presentation will be required within an interval of time specified and communicated by Council or the Program Advisory Committee.